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Several weeks ago, I changed our corporate profile photo on FB (@QualityInteriors) to reflect the new video wall we installed for a technology company in Atlanta. At QGC we design and install all kinds of audio visual systems including video walls, security systems, conference room systems and more. Every project is different and each comes with its own challenges. Success or failure of projects depends on an integrator’s ability to adapt and react to those challenges. As you will see, for what was a fairly small project, the challenges became quite large.

First, we were using a new Phillips commercial TV created specifically for video walls. We selected this TV based on its ultra-thin bezel and price to the customer. These TV’s are new in the market and highly sought after, so getting our hands on nine of them became challenge number one. That problem was magnified by Phillips making a change in the line mid-production and backlogging demand. This in itself is not an unusual problem as manufacturers source components of their products from different suppliers on a regular basis. When a flaw is found it can be weeks before distribution catches up to demand. High demand, low volume… you get the picture.

In addition to manufacturing problems, we faced on-the-job challenges as well. When products arrive, they typically show up on pallets and wait for our tech team to arrive and unpack. Most products are shipped and delivered without incident. This time, we had a box get jostled in the truck and broke the glass on one of our TV’s. Issues like this can halt any project. This time the solution was to race through Atlanta rush hour traffic to a distributor’s warehouse and beg the warehouse manager to stay past closing to get a new TV.

Well, at least the install would go well once we had the product. Yeah, no. Video walls must fit perfectly, seam to seam, border to border. Because of the depth of the wall framing, a flush mount Peerless model was our best choice. That in itself doesn’t pose a problem, until you find out the wall isn’t plum. On top of it, after you cut in holes for your Just Add Power encoders and decoders, wire and install your Peerless mounts, hang half of the TV’s, and after its coming together all neat and pretty… the client shows up and tells you they want to change the plan and run all equipment to a separate IDF closet.

“OK! Sounds like a good plan. We’ll get started right away!” (Even though it’s 8pm.)

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many hurdles we encounter, it’s about meeting deadlines and customer satisfaction. Sure, some jobs are easier than others. But isn’t it good to know that if the project gets rough, you have an integrator that will do whatever it takes to make sure the project is done right, meets your deadline, and exceeds your expectations?

We think so. And so did our client.

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