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If you haven’t heard of Humanscale, it’s very likely you’ve had your head in the sand when it comes to furniture design and ergonomics. Humanscale is a pioneer, and leader in office ergonomics. They make office chairs, sit-stand desks and desktops, lighting, and computer monitor holders that adapt to the user, not the other way around.

Getting their start in the early 90’s, manufacturing ergonomic articulating keyboard systems, Humanscale staked their place in the market after hiring this guy (Niels Diffrient). Niel’s created the Humanscale Freedom chair, and single-handedly changed the landscape of workplace ergonomics.

If you’re worried about the Earth when you buy products, never fear, Humanscale is the way to go. Their manufacturing approach not only minimizes the negative impacts on our environment, but works to produce positive, and significant contributions. You can be sure that when Humanscale says they create a net positive impact on the environment, it’s not simple lip service or smoke and mirrors. In fact, your air quality is most likely improving as you read this article it’s that good. So breathe deeply my friend, and know you’re doing your part when you buy Humanscale products.

Quality Group of Companies is proud to partner with Humanscale. Together, we can retrofit any space with sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs. If replacing the whole desk isn’t an option, Humanscale offers desktop units that keep all the functionality of your space intact. If you are looking to help your employees be more efficient, more comfortable, spend less time off because they hate their office chair, then let’s talk.

A single test run in a scientifically tested, ergonomically correct chair will do you a world of good!

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