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A Change of Season, a Change of Office

By Monte Clark

Spring has sprung! The snow is gone, baseball is back, and flower gardens are starting to bloom.

Now’s a perfect time to think about changing up your workplace environment.

Before you get alarmed, I’m definitely not talking about the kind of alterations that bring terror to the heart of office managers, company presidents, and even employees. No, I’m talking about small changes that spark things up a bit, add a touch of interest and enjoyment, and boost everyone’s morale.

Here are a couple of examples.

Let’s say your foyer is looking drab. The chairs have been around for a while, and the upholstery is definitely worn, probably past the point where you can do anything about it. The color of the walls is o.k., but those practical brown seat covers just aren’t doing it for you—or anyone else, for that matter. Your receptionist looks at them all day and would probably like to see something more cheerful. What about some really nice, Art Deco-inspired armchairs in a stylish (but practical) maroon, olive green, and beige stripe? Or a couple of royal blue side chairs with chrome legs? Two of them would be just the ticket, and they wouldn’t break the bank. Not only that, but they’d also look great with what you already have.

Or maybe your chairs are fine, but the art on the walls is definitely lacking. That cow pasture landscape, which has been there since you went into business, is decent, but it’s boring. Your receptionist sighs when she looks at it. And visitors just plunk themselves down without looking around. Wouldn’t a dramatic modern piece or a view of a local landmark cheer things up? Or maybe that lamp on the table could use a new shade? If the lamp is seriously old and tired-looking, you may want to replace it.

The point I’m making here is you can celebrate the new season and lift everyone’s mood at the same time without creating a major disruption. As I’ve said before in these posts, the workplace experience is part of your brand, and a few changes—that everyone is likely to notice and appreciate—will go quite a long way toward refreshing it.

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