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RISE event a can’t miss show

Last weekend’s Rise event for Big Brothers Big Sisters was a huge success. Here at QGC we create better workplace experiences and we are proud to support BBBS who create better Life experiences for thousands of kid’s year after year. Here are my top 10 moments from the evening:

10. The air up there. – It’s always fun to see how other people are living. Five companies donated their downtown building rooftops to host the event. The ability to have rooftop parties is definitely one way to create a better workplace experience!

9. Crème Brulée truck – This was one of those things that you think, “really? crème brulée truck?” Of course, it was delicious. But the memorable thing here was not the desert, it was my wife telling the chef that his truck “smelled like science class” (due to the torched sugar) but then his response…” No, I smell like Carney!” Ah yes, the smell of carney wafting through the air. Does it really get any better than that?

8. Themed venues – The actors that put on these shows were amazing. We showed up a bit early and saw a woman covered in fake blood standing on the street. We thought she was protesting fur for PETA or something. Turns out she was Cary and part of the horror show on the roof.

7. Tater Tots – Napoléon Dynamite was one roof theme. I resisted shoving two handfuls in my pocket for later, but only because they were covered in cheese sauce.

6. Superman – I found him in an elevator. Turns out he has quite an angelic singing voice.

5. Party favors – No event is pulled off without ‘em. There were enough flashing rings, bracelets and necklaces to throw any kid into a seizure. My wife was so flashy she could have stopped traffic.

4. Pulled pork tower – Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds. Perfectly buttery mashed potatoes, layered with pulled pork and crowned with thin onion rings. It took a year off my life but was more than worth it… I had two.

3. VW van transformed to Photo booth – Every party needs one.

2. 70’s cover band – Are you kidding me? Ladies dressed up like disco balls, people on stilts, a flashing dance floor and that 70’s kid leading the dicso. That’s a party to remember!

1. Big Brothers Big Sisters – Raised over $300,000 on the event to help kids create better LIFE experiences.

A great night had by all!

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