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Plan. Adapt to change. Exceed expectations

Several weeks ago, I changed our corporate profile photo on FB (@QualityInteriors) to reflect the new video wall we installed for a technolo

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The best artwork you’ll see today

Allow me to introduce to you a local artist we recently commissioned to update the artwork here at QGC. His name is Jeffery Hanson. He is le

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RISE event a can’t miss show

Last weekend’s Rise event for Big Brothers Big Sisters was a huge success. Here at QGC we create better workplace experiences and we are p

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The age of automation has arrived

The over-arching theme of #CEDIA17 was home automation. A short time ago we started to see this trend in small applications like our doorbel

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Get Off Your Butt

I’ve been wanting to weigh-in on the sit-stand desk phenomenon for a while now. Not that I’m the world’s leading expert on the subj

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Commercial Furniture is Boring

If you walked into an ice cream shop and all they served was chocolate and vanilla, you’d probably turn around and leave. That is unless t

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A Change of Season, a Change of Office

Spring has sprung! The snow is gone, baseball is back, and flower gardens are starting to bloom.Now’s a perfect time to think about chang

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